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When a mysterious guest is found dead during the grand opening of the first lunar resort, two detectives are sent to investigate. What they find is a rich assortment of potential suspects, and the emergence of a mystery that goes deeper than they imagined.

Who We Are

Sentinel Studios is a small production company intensely dedicated to creating meaningful and thought-provoking stories that strive to both communicate complex ideas, and affirm basic truths. Using a variety of creative mediums, we hope to produce compelling, high-quality experiences that resonate deeply with you. At Sentinel Studios, we believe that default is not always correct, that ideas must not go unquestioned, and that new and unique perspectives are vital to better understanding this journey called life. From our vantage point, everything looks different, and we'd love the opportunity to show you what we see.

Meet the Team

  • Richard C. Mills
    Richard C. Mills
    Richard C. Mills is a writer, producer, sound engineer, and the founder of Sentinel Studios. He has a great interest in all facets of art and storytelling, and with experience both writing for and working on audio dramas, theater productions, and video games, he's no stranger to the unique technical challenges and opportunities that different mediums present. With the aim to maximize his growing versatility, Richard is constantly seeking to merge and utilize his various gifts and passions in ways that creatively reflect and reinforce the story that's being told.
  • Jordan H. Mills
    Jordan H. Mills
    Jordan H. Mills is a concept artist, graphic artist, photographer, and the art director at Sentinel Studios. She is a lover of creativity and beauty in all forms, and is passionate about coming alongside unique and creative projects, and providing high-quality art and illustrations to match. From the majesty of Fantasy and the magnitude of Science Fiction, to the mystery of the supernatural and the menace of horror, Jordan loves to use her talents to evoke sensations of awe and reflect it back upon our world; to peek behind the veil of reality to visualize the invisible, and to show others that there is far more out there than just what we can see.